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Drag & Drop

Repeated animation problem

After Drag&Drop the dragged cell restores to original position and starts the translation animation again to its dropped position. How can I fix this? Thank a lot.

Original question: :octocat: Repeated animation problem #5


This library requires stable ID. If the getItemId() method is not implemented properly, will causes exceptions or will animates incorrectly.


Swipe animation not like example

Hello ! I implemented drag&drop Recycler View as in your example and I have some annoying problem. When I swipe some item RecyclerView animates position changing. It looks like playing back my drag gesture.

How to remove this effect ? I need from dropped element to stay where I left it, not animating again.

Here you have a link for YouTube video with described effect :

Original question: :octocat: [HELP] Swipe animation not like example #199


This library requires stable ID to work properly. Please call setHasStableIds(true) and implement the getItemId() method properly.


How to lock expanding of a specific group using onBindGroupViewHolder?


i want to lock expanding of some specific groups (ie. if the group has only one child) and want to set the groups other click event listener in my custom ExpandableItemAdapter class.

i think i need to implement in onBindGoupViewHolder, but how?

Original question: :octocat: [Expand Problem] : How to lock expanding of a specific group using onBindGroupViewHolder? #302


If you want to custom click event handling, make the onCheckCanExpandOrCollapseGroup() method always returns false, then set click listener in onCreateGroupViewHolder() (or in onBindGroupViewHolder()). In the click event handler, collapseGroup() / expandGroup() methods can be used to control the group's expanded state.

public boolean onCheckCanExpandOrCollapseGroup(MyGroupViewHolder holder, int groupPosition, int x, int y, boolean expand) {
    return false;

public MyGroupViewHolder onCreateGroupViewHolder(ViewGroup parent, int viewType) {
    final LayoutInflater inflater = LayoutInflater.from(parent.getContext());
    final View v = inflater.inflate(..., parent, false);
    MyGroupViewHolder vh = new MyGroupViewHolder(v);
    return vh;

public void onClick(View v) {
    RecyclerView.ViewHolder vh = RecyclerViewAdapterUtils.getViewHolder(v);
    int flatPosition = vh.getAdapterPosition();

    if (flatPosition == RecyclerView.NO_POSITION) {

    long expandablePosition = mExpandableItemManager.getExpandablePosition(flatPosition);
    int groupPosition = RecyclerViewExpandableItemManager.getPackedPositionGroup(expandablePosition);
    int childPosition = RecyclerViewExpandableItemManager.getPackedPositionChild(expandablePosition);

    // toggle expanded/collapsed
    if (mExpandableItemManager.isGroupExpanded(groupPosition)) {
    } else {

Position Changing Between List Item

Hi, I have problem implementing expandable list with fixed recyclerview. Please see the video

The way I do it is to resize recyclerview and recalculate the height based on how much item is expanded. Do you think it's possible to fix this issue?

Original question: :octocat: Position Changing Between List Item #22


Please implement the getGroupId() and getChildId() methods properly that return stable IDs.