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Advanced RecyclerView

Advanded RecyclerView is an extension library of the RecyclerView which brings powerful features, such as Drag & Drop, Swipe, Expand, combining Adapters, etc...

Demo app

Get it on Google Play

The above demo video was taken with a very old version of this library (v0.6 - Feb 2, 2015). Now the app contains 26 demos! Let's give it a try 😉


  • Never inherit RecyclerView class

    Reduces library conflictions, easy to integrate with existing code

  • Implement each features as separated modules

    Pick features only what you need

  • Primitive API set rather than user-friendly huge API sets

    Looks difficult at a glance, but gives great flexibility like original RecyclerView


  • Swipe
    • Swipe dismiss and swipe pinning operation. (like Google's Inbox app)
  • Drag and Drop
  • Expand
    • A list with collapsible groups and its children. This feature is port of the ExpandableListView of Android framework.
  • Wrapper adapter
    • Inject additional functionalities to RecyclerView.Adapter by using the Decorator patten (Header, Footer, Section, Combining multiple adapters, etc...)
  • Misc.
    • All swipe, drag and drop, expand and wrapper adapter features work together!
    • An ItemAnimator, it behaves exact the same as the default SimpleItemAnimator, but its code is refactored. More easy to customize!
    • Some ItemDecorations. Adding drop shadows to each items, drawing separators.